Call for Papers – Lexia 45-46. The Meaning of Future

Lexia 45-46. The Meaning of Future

This issue of Lexia proposes, then, to solicit the Italian and international semiotic community to provide its theoretical, methodological and analytical contribution to future studies, in the wake of a scientific path that, moreover, in recent years has seen the publication of several important essays on the subject (Lozano and Salerno, eds., 2020; Giannitrapani and Lorusso, ed., 2021; Thibault, ed., 2022; Soro, Voto and Leone, ed., 2023; Giuliana and Leone, ed., 2023). One can think of starting from the idea that the notion of “future” is based on a polysemic concept constructed narratively within various forms of factual and fictional textuality – at times aimed at representing a discontinuity with the present, at other times aimed at magnifying certain characteristics of the present itself that should take root or develop with the passage of time, at other times intent on recovering a desirable and considered significant past.

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