FACE IT! The New Challenges of Cognitive Visual Semiotics


The New Challenges of Cognitive Visual Semiotics


University of Liège, Place du XX-Aout 7, Salle de l’Horloge

25-27 January 2023

Org. Maria Giulia Dondero, Massimo Leone, Claudio Paolucci

With The Collaboration Of Ralph Dekoninck and Thierry Lenain

A symposium devoted to the most advanced semiotic theories for the modelizat ion of visual meaning, focusing on the transition between visual cognition, image generation, and multi-dimensional image processing. A series of lectures aimed at advancing the state of the art in the semiotics of visual signification and propose hypotheses to couple qualitative analysis and computer -assisted interpretation methods.

The symposium will focus on the human face as a pivotal element at the crossroad between cognitive patterns , representative traditions, and technological devices.

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Fédération Romane de Sémiotique
Romance Federation of Semiotics
Federazione Romanza di Semiotica
Federação Românica de Semiótica