Call for Papers – Punctum. The Semiotics of Circulation


The Semiotics of Circulation

In this special issue of Punctum, we invite contributions that elaborate theoretically or investigate through specific case studies the semiotics of circulation and, in general, aspire to develop a non-immanentist problematics of semiosis by raising issues such as: How do texts and discourses circulate between the moment of their production and that of their recognition? How do they travel from one time or space to another? What happens with sense, meaning, and signification in those travels? How do discourses circulate between traditional media and digital/social media? What happens with circulation in the gap of meaning existing in live interactions between individuals? How do semiotic methodologies work on different scales of circulation, for example, in mediatized and non-mediatized discourses?

Call for Papers here

Fédération Romane de Sémiotique
Romance Federation of Semiotics
Federazione Romanza di Semiotica
Federação Românica de Semiótica