Call for Papaers – JOLMA 3

Call for Papaers  JOLMA 3 | 2 | 2022

Translation as Interpretation

Editors: Francesco Camera and Gian Luigi Paltrinieri
What does it mean to translate and in what sense is translating constitutively interpreting? This issue is aimed to address these and many other related questions. Clearly, translating cannot be reduced to moving a meaning from a remote linguistic vehicle to a more familiar one: «the purpose of translation by no means is that of bringing what has been said closer» (M. Heidegger, GA 51, p. 96), but, rather, that of allowing distance and strangeness to emerge within our target language. The relationship with distant or untimely texts is neither peaceful nor reassuring, and therefore (!) it opens up possibilities, it discloses different futures to the present. We can say, furthermore, that the first crucial consequence the work of the translator-interpreter produces is a disruption of the inertial absolutization of that present which is settled in our usual saying and, thus, appears to us immediately decipherable or as the only possible one.

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