The role of the Romance Federation of Semiotics (FedRoS) is to promote international research in semiotics by bringing together research centers and instituted groups which develop their work using, mainly or occasionally, romance languages.

The semiotics practiced in this cultural area integrates the intellectual movements developed in Human and Social Sciences during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in the linguistic, anthropological and philosophical fields without excluding other disciplinary fields.The sharing of these references creates a common epistemological foundation of structural origin, ensures the understanding of discourse and guarantees the communicability of researches. From these shared databases, FedRoS proposes to launch researches and/or to respond to calls for tenders and/or support, after a favorable opinion from its Scientific Advisory Board, responses to calls for tenders from one or several of its members.

To achieve this, it must first promote meetings between semioticians, the object pursued by these collaborations being the development and dissemination of semiotic studies, the promotion of theoretical and applied research and also the reflection on the didactics of the discipline.