Ecophenomenology & Semiotics of complex systems adaptation: Exploring experiential alterations of sign processes in natural and cultural milieus.

Ecophenomenology & Semiotics of complex systems adaptation:

experiential alterations of sign processes in natural and cultural milieus.

Powsin-Warsaw, Poland, August 27 (Tuesday)–30 (Friday), 2024.

The Research Federation of WSB–DSW Merito Universities, Gdańsk, with Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden Center for Biological Diversity Conservation in Powsin (, organize an international symposium under the title “Ecophenomenology & Semiotics of  Complex Systems Adaptation: Exploring Experiential Alterations of Sign Processes in Natural and Cultural Milieus”.

This symposium inscribes itself into investigative fields of social, humanistic, and natural sciences. It merges three related frameworks, the semiotic communicology, the phenomenology of praxis, and ecology as a theory of environmental settings of plants, animals, and humans, with the focus on:

the diversity of stress-resistant ecosystems; Semiotic landscapes in the creative transformation of reality; Semiotic adaptability of complex living and nonliving systems; Linguistic and semiotic indices of meaning in culture and nature; The world beyond the words and signs as a lived experience; Ecosemiosis & worldview research in transmedia literacy; Experiencing the world as spheres of sign, life, and mind; Hominization of the world through ideologies & commodities; Geospatial technologies in the mapping of the earth layers; Semiomathesis as ordering and learning the reality via signs; Intertextuality, multimodality & transmediality in communication; Metaphysical, physical, anthropic & semiotic cosmologies; Experiential links between environments of adaptive systems; The semiotic phenomenology of lifeworld existentials.

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Romance Federation of Semiotics
Federazione Romanza di Semiotica
Federação Românica de Semiótica