Call for Papers – Punctum. The Semiotics of Animation. From Traditional. Forms to Contemporary Innovations


The Semiotics of Animation. From Traditional. Forms to Contemporary Innovations

GUEST EDITORS: Maria Ilia Katsaridou & Loukia Kostopoulou

The study of animation as a semiotic system has gained significant scholarly attention in recent years. From traditional hand-drawn animation to contemporary computergenerated imagery (CGI) and experimental forms, animation has become a dynamic field that offers valuable insights into how meaning is constructed and communicated. Animation as a medium of communication relies on the manipulation of movement and constructed visual and auditory signs to convey narratives, emotions, and ideas. It draws upon a wide range of techniques and styles to construct its unique language. With the advent of digital technologies, such as AR, VR, and AI, animation has expanded its boundaries allowing for new media applications and synergies with other art forms. Moreover, animation and live action have long been distinct forms of cinema and audio-visual storytelling, each with its own distinct characteristics and techniques. However, in recent years, there has been a growing convergence and interplay between the two which calls for further exploration. The semiotics of animation recognizes the interplay between animation and other media forms, including film, television, video games, and digital platforms. Animation techniques can be utilized within live-action films or integrated into interactive experiences, expanding the potential for meaning-making and communication. Each medium brings its own set of semiotic conventions and audience expectations, thus influencing the animated content.

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