Online Seminar – “Space Semiotics. Design, Architecture, Urbanism, Landscaping”

Online Seminar: “Space Semiotics. Design, Architecture, Urbanism, Landscaping”

The idea of this online seminar was born in Greece in the panel that Isabel Marcos and Claudio Guerri organized at the IASS World Congress, entitled: « Semiotics of Space from a Morphological Perspective. Knowledge of Forms | Forms of knowledge ». At this congress, and after the success of that all day panel with colleagues and friends, we all decided that it was time to create a place for a dialogue to learn and expand our ways of being in the Semiotics of Space. The different approaches by the semiotics of space intend to contribute to the understanding of the meaning of the notion of space, but also the capacity of the different graphic languages for the practice of design. The general idea is to make the semiotic analytical tools developed for these purposes more operational. This seminar will bring together semioticians of all affiliations: Barthesians, Thomians, Greimasians, Peirceans, Cognitivists, Lotmanians, Pragmatists, among many others, interested in the various forms of space meaning and practices in order to strengthen analytical tools and interdisciplinary methods characterizing the different semiotic theories. The general and central idea of this proposal is that there not one, but many different approaches of specific semiotics. Each one of these points of view will show its particular task in the wide realm of the Semiotic of Space.

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