Call for Papers – 23rd International Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law

23rdInternational Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law – IRSL 2023

24-27 May 2023 – Roma (Italy)

Organizer: Mario Ricca

Hosted by Pontificia Università Antonianum

Via Merulana, 124 – Roma

Auditorium Antonianum, Viale Manzoni, 1 – Roma

IRSL President: Anne Wagner

Global Semiotics and Everyday Legal Claims

 Intercultural Use of Law, Interreligious Dialogue and Translation Ethics


The relationship between legal rules and the spaces where they become effective is gradually morphing. This change is precipitated by semantic or cognitive—rather than exclusively political— circumstances. The meaning of legal rules is continually challenged by the transformation of their spatial projections and their cultural coordinates. Law can no longer assume that discrete spatial circuits and particular cultural backgrounds coincide. Conversely, each territorial frame, sometimes even those that are most distant from metropolitan areas, can function (at least potentially) as a hub of innumerous threads of actions and interests. All these connections impinge on the significance of legal rules and, especially, the prognosis for their effectiveness. The daily life of law is affected by this spatial-semantic turmoil.

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