Call for Papers – Punctum. The Meaning of Collections between Media and Practices

Call for Papers – Punctum

The Meaning of Collections between Media and Practices

Guest editors: Gabriele Marino and Bruno Surace.

The market – economic and symbolic – of collections is now so in vogue that it represents in itself an area of great importance. If earlier collections were based on the semantic remodeling of an object whose value transliterated, in an astonishing way, from the condition of a simple object to that of a treasure, today it is increasingly common that collectibles are already born as such. If, previously, bottle caps, stamps, comics, butterflies, etc. were devices that were “recovered” in the act of the collector, nowadays industries produce items that can be collected “in the matrix”. It still makes sense to reflect, in this era of alleged “dematerialization”, on the semiotics of collections, including digital ones.

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