Seminar – International Open Seminar on Semiotics: a Tribute to John Deely on the Fifth Anniversary of His Passing

The occurrence of this seminar over the calendar year 2022 also marks the 80th anniversary of John’s arrival. Although he would most certainly instruct us not to focus on celebrating his life, but instead on developing the Way of Signs, there seems to be no downside to accomplishing both of these tasks simultaneously. Hence, this seminar seeks to render homage to his genius and further develop his work. Professor Deely spent a lifetime studying semiotics and fostering a network of semioticians from around the planet. Hopefully, his mission is here dutifully echoed, as we attempt to congregate a number of distinguished experts in the field of semiotics in a shared enterprise to provide a formative environment openly accessible to the general audience through a series of presentations on semiotics and its history, with particular care for Dr. Deely’s historical perspective and the challenges presented to semiotics in the world today. In doing so, chances are that we match his aspiration for future generations to acknowledge the core significance of semiotics and its history for the evolution of human understanding.

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Fédération Romane de Sémiotique
Romance Federation of Semiotics
Federazione Romanza di Semiotica
Federação Românica de Semiótica