Call for Papers – Sociosemiotic Critique. A Lotmanian Perspective

Call for papers

Social Semiotics

Issue 5, 2022


Sociosemiotic Critique. A Lotmanian Perspective

Edited by Anna Maria Lorusso (University of Bologna) and Franciscu Sedda (University of Cagliari)

In 2022 – the centenary of the birth of Juri Lotman – we invite you to focus on the potentiality of his semiotic theory (including ideas of as personality, translation, creolization, autocommunication, self-description, semiosphere) to critique power structures and ideological processes in semiosic phenomena.

We invite contributors to prepare an analytical essay focusing on a specific case study of a semiotic artefact or type of artefact, demonstrating how Lotmanian theory can fuel a critique of the limitations on, and variations in, the ways in which the semiotic resources/practices in question may perpetuate biases, imbalance or legitimize and maintain kinds of power interests.

We think that a Lotmanian perspective, developed and updated trough the analysis of past or contemporary socially relevant phenomena (in the field of media, behaviors, urban practices, political discourses etc.) can improve our capacity to criticize the social inequalities that inhabit our semiosphere(s). At the same time they can shed some light on the euristic usefulness of Lotman’s categories and foster the advancement of a semiotic cultural theory: this also imply to put Lotman’s concepts in dialogue with ideas and theoretical tools developed in the fields of Cultural Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology etc. as well as with the ones implemented in other fields of Sociosemiotics. Even this last task must be accomplished through the work of analysis and critique of a specific case study.

At this stage, we solicit not papers but a proposal of between 1000 and 1500 words length, with bibliographic references included. On this basis, we will select 8 proposals, to be developed in an essay of 7/8000 words (bibliography included).

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