Call for papers – E|C n. 33, 2021

Call for papers

E|C n. 33, 2021

Proust’s Way: Theorisations, Hybridisations, Mythologies

Edited by Emanuela Piga Bruni (University Mercatorum, Rome), Ruggero Ragonese (University of Modena-Reggio Emilia), Marion Schmid (University of Edinburgh)

It is a century of readings, re-imaginations, and transformations that we want to celebrate in this issue. What is at stake is not to re-read the Proustian novel, but, rather, to grasp the theorizations, experimentations and projections to which it has given rise. In other words, our aim is to reconsider Proust via the manifold interpretations which have succeeded one another, and which have, one may say, always evolved along a straight line of distance between the real writer and the fictional persona. If what happens in the Recherche is almost never history, but “le langage, l’aventure du langage dont l’avènement ne cesse jamais d’être célébré” (Barthes, 1981), then it is time to rethink this centenary from a semiotic point of view.

We thus would like to propose a special issue which focuses not so much on Proust’s work per se, but on the ways in which his oeuvre has become a quasi-inexhaustible platform for meta-narrative, metatextual and meta-linguistic discourses.

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Romance Federation of Semiotics
Federazione Romanza di Semiotica
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